Tine Slabe

07. september 2009

Busy time

Last week was very busy and  that is why I am updating my blog only now. I was in Lake Garda for five days where I helped developing the 2010 RRD slalom boards. We were a geat team: the shaper Aurelio, Finian and me, and in those few days we did an excellent work and made an impressive improvement on the new X-fires. You can just look forward to get the best boards ever.
I rested a day and went for a visit to Challenger sails which is about 5h drive from my home. I wanted to see the development of the sails that Anders is doing and of course I wanted to tell the designer what were my concerns about this year's sails so that some small mistakes would not be repeated. After a long speach I was all excited to see the new sails, and as it looks like we will have some amazing Aerons + to go very fast.
On Saturday there was the all you can ride windsurf race, called Piranja. The concept is to start the race at exact time on a fixed course no matter what the conditions are. The forecast was for strong bora and the place is protected from this wind, so only gusts come down, but very strong one and from different directions so we all knew that it will be an absolute lottery to win. I decided to go with my biggest slalom equipment and I did a mistake as the wind got a bit lighter and I got stucked on the first mark that was very covered from the wind. The winner of the Piranja 2009 is Croatian Oliver Biljman that took the formula board and so did the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. I finished on the 5th place.
It looks that the windy season in Slovenia has started. It is windy since Friday and it looks good for all week long. On Friday I took my GPS after long time and did some good speeds in my RRD 90 and the Aero + 7.0. My best speed was 38.19 kn. With my friends from my home spot we started as a new team on www.gpsteamchallenge.com.su called Slo Zusterna Speedhunterz and at the moment we are on the 3rd place in the overall September's ranking.
The coming weekend I will go to Pag for the Shimuni one hour extreme, more on: http://www.continentseven.com/

Pic.: 1. testing in Garda; 2. going dressed serious to work