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31. januar 2011

SUP down-winder

Today I went for my first Slovenian SUP down-winder!  With Bora wind I managed to do 7 km (from Ankaran to Izola) in a bit less than one hour  and surfed some waves. It was a special feeling to be alone in the middle of winter with 6C air and 8C water in the middle of the Koper bay, but a super nice experience. Another different way for me to connect to nature and make my workout.

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petek, 21. september 2012 15:18 - HgKdlsHMzDyuyTT:

Zeitlos: Yes, actually. I do that quite often, palarcuitrly with a Barnes and Noble bookstore. They have big, comfy chairs throughout the store, as well as an excellent coffee shop area. I'd love to be locked up in one of them. Also, going on holiday to Sweden would be cool.Angela: I'd love to visit Tibet. You too (in regards to having a nice Sunday).

sobota, 22. september 2012 07:24 - dWkUbzAiVT:

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