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30. junij 2009

Turkey and Peljesac

To go for an event and not be part of it as a competitor was a completely new experience for me. I flew to Alacati for the fourth event of the EFPT to be a judge. Two full double eliminations were finished so I had quite some work, but I must admit it is sometimes a very hard job to decide who is better. I believe it was not my last job as a judge!
I came home only for a day to pack the car and there I was on the way again. This time I headed south to peninsula Peljesac in Croatia were a small slalom event was held. In the beautiful channel between Peljesac and Korcula there was only little wind in the four days of competition. We finished only the two-qualifying heats. I won one of them and was waiting for the final next three days, but the wind did not want to collaborate. I performed a small low wind freestyle session to entertain the people. At the end the organizer decided to extract the prices to the eight finalists. A RRD X-fire 105 was given out as a first price and the lucky winner was the young Enrico Marotti, I got a short wetsuit.
Now I will spent a week home and than slowly I fly to the Canary Islands.

Pic.: Tina Setina

1: Coming back to the beach
2: Waiting for wind
3: Two winners from the qualifiers (on the right Lonja SRB 1)
4: Training in too less wind
5: This Challenger looks good!!!
6: My base

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